Five Questions To Ask When Hiring A Contractor

If you own a home, then you are already aware of the responsibilities that come along with maintaining your home. From installing air condition filters to mowing the lawn, a homeowner’s job is never done. This is especially true when it comes to fixing something that has broken in your home. Although many homeowners are mechanically inclined and believe that they can repair anything from toilets to hot water heaters, many homeowners would prefer to hire a professional to tackle these maintenance repair responsibilities. If you are a homeowner who prefers to hire a contractor versus partaking in home repairs on your own, below are five questions that you may wish to ask your prospective contractor.

Do You Have References?

One of the best methods to ascertain the character of your prospective contractor is to get a list of references that you can contact. Ask the contractor for at least three references from work performed within the last year. Find out from the references whether or not the work performed was satisfactory and ask if the reference would rehire the contractor for future jobs.

Can You Offer a Written Guarantee?

What happens if your prospective contractor performs work that is not to your satisfaction? Will he or she perform the work again for free or will you have to pay to have the work done again? Having your contractor answer these questions in the form of a written guarantee will go a long way in easing your anxiety.

Who Will Perform the Work?

Many contractors subcontract their jobs out to other contractors. One reason contractors subcontract is because they can save money. For the homeowner, however, this presents a host of liability concerns that the contractor must address beforehand.

Can You Provide a Written Estimate?

Ask your contractor if he or she can provide an onsite estimate. Also, ensure that your estimate is in writing. Your written estimate should be as detailed as possible and cover aspects of the project including cost, materials used and project completion time.

What is Your Professional Background?

The more you can find out about the contractor’s professional background beforehand, the better. You want to make sure that the contractor you will be hiring is competent and capable of performing the required repairs. Does your contractor belong to a professional organization related to his or her craft? Is the contractor state-licensed? What related training has the contractor undergone that makes him qualified to perform the project? These are all questions that you may wish to ask in order to find out whether or not your prospective contractor is able to perform the project in question.

Hiring a contractor for your next project does not have to be a tedious process, especially when you ask the right questions. Using the questions above and good-old fashioned instincts, you will be able to hire your next contractor to complete the projects and repairs in your home.

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