6 Ways To Deal With Your Nosy Neighbors

Your home is supposed to be a place for you to sit back and relax and enjoy whatever it is that you enjoy. For most people, this is the case. But if you have a nosy neighbor, your home is no longer a place for you to relax but a place for you to worry about if your nosy neighbor is listening.

If you’re unfortunate enough to have a nosy neighbor, here are six ways to deal with it.

1. Do nothing.

Take a weekend when you know they’re watching or listening in and do absolutely nothing. Don’t talk much, don’t have a party, don’t partake in your favorite activities. Instead, sit around your home doing a whole bunch of nothing. If you are not interesting, your neighbor will become uninterested in your life and what you’re doing, and they may stop being so nosy.

2. Block them.

Another way to deal with nosy neighbors is to block them. Build a privacy fence or plant tall trees in between your house and theirs. If you block their view, they will not be able to spy on you as easily if their view is open. You could also opt to keep the blinds, shades or curtains closed on your windows that face their side. This will block their view from peering directly into your home.

3. Walk away.

You can deal with your nosy neighbors by walking away. For example, if you’re outside, and they then walk outside, go back inside. If you’re getting out of your car and spot them, make sure that you walk into your home without saying anything. Hopefully they will start to realize that you don’t want to do or say anything in front of them and they’ll soon stop being so nosy about what it is that you’re doing.

4. Do something strange.

If they’re going to watch you, you may as well give them something to talk about. For example, watch weird TV shows, hold strange conversations, take up a weird hobby or even walk around your house naked. They’ll be so turned off by the strange habits that they’ll stop peeking on you.

5. Hint.

The next time you spot your nosy neighbor, ask them if they’ve seen anyone in the area that’s been peeking around. Let them know that you’ve heard other neighbors talking about seeing a Peeping Tom in the area, and you were wondering if they knew anything. Let them know that you plan on installing cameras in case this Peeping Tom comes to your house. Even if nothing you say is true, it will scare them into thinking they’re going to get caught.

6. Warn them.

If you are absolutely certain that your neighbor is nosy, you also have the ability to confront them about their actions. Let them know that you don’t appreciate them looking in your windows, peering through the fence or listening to your conversations. Chances are they’ll deny it, so it’s a good idea to have proof. You could even go as far as letting them know that if you catch them doing it again, you will call the cops. This may not be the friendliest tactic, but it could keep them from doing it any more.

Janet Kemp is a dedicated mother and homemaker who has dealt with her fair share of neighbors. She loves to write and often addresses home issues and great ways to be happy in your home.

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