The Five Best Ikea Hacks For The Living Room

Most of us are familiar with the homes store Ikea, but how many people have ever heard of an Ikea hack and just what is one?

An Ikea hack is basically taking an Ikea product and remodeling it in some way or other to customize it to individual needs or suit a different purpose.  Ikea hacking takes a little imagination and some DIY know-how, but if you would like to be further inspired then here are five of the best living room Ikea hacks to whet your appetite.


A resting place for your cat

This is a great Ikea hack because it makes the most of wall space and is ideal if you live in a small house and own a cat.  It’s also a fun way to create a resting place for your cat and gives him or her a chance to do a bit of climbing.  This hack involves taking Bjarnum brackets and Jarpen shelves and fixing them on the wall in a step like fashion, so your cat can jump from one to the next.  Above the door, you place the top shelf with an Ikea Bastic cat bed.  It’s suitable for placing above any internal door such as an internaloakdoor, 1930sdoors or a modern glass door.

From footstool to storage box

You can never have enough storage space so this hack is a cheap and easy way to turn a Pallbo footstool into a handy storage container.  It requires turning upside down and having four holes drilled into it, then screwing candleholders into the holes. With a new top sawed from plywood, it then needs lining and fixing with a stapler.  The items then need upholstering in pretty fabric of your choice.  This hack is a much improved version of the original and has a double function of both footstool and storage container.

Mirrored mosaic coffee table

This Ikea hack requires taking a standard Ikea coffee table and glamming it up a little with some glass pieces formed together on top to make a bright and interesting mosaic design.  You’ll need glass cutters, premixed mastic and a lot of time on your hands as this hack is a bit fiddly and time-consuming but the end results are unique and will add appeal to your living room space.

Transformable coffee table

Here’s another adaptation of an Ikea hack coffee table and this time you’ll need four Knuff magazine file sets, a rotating artist stool and a shelf insert.  This hack is pretty unique and will get your visitors talking! It’s great for small seating areas, rather than for your main living room coffee table, so if space is at a premium you might be interested in this hack.  It basically uses the magazine files turned on their side and attached together to form the tabletop.  You’ll need a liquid nail to secure it all in place, using the artist’s stool as the table stand.  There’s no heavy duty work involved in this hack so it’s a pretty user-friendly option.

Throw turned into rug

This Ikea hack is great if you’re on a budget and want a new rug, because rugs are pretty expensive items to buy.  Let’s face it, there’s enough to buy for your living room, whether you’re looking at getting an internaloakdoor, budget curtains, or cheapoakskirtingboardsUK, any way to save money is a bonus.  This hack involves buying an Ikea throw and remodeling it into a rug by sewing non-slip fabric underneath it so it sits on the floor without moving.

James loves DIY projects and has often remodeled products in his home so they serve a multipurpose. James recently used the glass from an old front door to create etched coasters. He used the glass from a front door that was sourced by the specialists at UK Oak Doors.

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