Adding Craftsman Touches To Your Home

Adding Craftsman-style decorating touches to your home will give it a classy, vintage, and historical look. The Craftsman – or “Arts and Crafts Movement” – style of home became popular in the late 1800s and continued to be a mainstay of residential architecture until the late 1930s. However, even if you don’t have a traditional Craftsman house, adding certain elements to your decorating scheme can give your home that historical, do-it-yourself appearance.


Certain color schemes are characteristic of Crafstman-style houses, so if you use these in your home you will be adding that vintage Crafstman feel. Burgundy red, olive green, and warm, deep neutral browns and grays are all typical colors for paint and furniture that you will find in a Craftsman house. These earthy tones all complement the exposed wood and brick that are common in the Craftsman style. Using a light gray, white, or pale yellow shade as an accent will really make these nature tones pop.

You want to use colors that emphasize the appearance of all the exposed wood, rather than covering it up or taking away from it. Also, it is a more appealing look if all of the wood matches to some extent. Mixing too many light and dark woods will detract from the Craftsman style.

Vintage & Country-Style Decorations

Craftsman-style homes are usually paired with a vintage, country, or do-it-yourself decorating scheme. These styles of interior decorating go very well with the hand-built, historical appearance of Craftsmans. Craftsman homes should look simple, quaint, and lived-in, so all of these decorating styles help to enhance that feeling within the home. The light, delicate patterns of country-style decorating help to brighten up the atmosphere of dark, earth-toned Craftsman homes. Using soft lighting with linear, vintage lighting fixtures is another good way to style your Craftsman home.

Basically, clean, simple decorations are the best fit for a Craftsman house. Sturdy, unembellished wooden furniture and fixtures are the most popular choices. This way, the house has a do-it-yourself, built-it-myself feeling to it. However, it’s always important to add some modern flourishes and pieces of your personal style to any decorating scheme.

Structure & Fixtures

If you want to go for a more dramatic change to your home and do some renovations, there are certain structural elements that will make your home look more like a Craftsman. The Craftsman style usually includes lots of exposed brick and wood throughout the home. Some common places for this brick and wood to be found are the house’s foundation, tapered wooden columns for both the exterior and interior, and flooring.

Hardwood flooring is the most common type of flooring found in Craftsman homes. If you don’t want to outfit your entire home in expensive hardwoods, though, laminate flooring might be a good option. It has the look and feel of hardwood, but at a much cheaper price. Contact your local flooring professional – such as Floor Coverings International – to find hardwood and laminate deals in your area.

With all of these helpful pointers, you will be able to make your home’s interior look like a Craftsman even if the exterior isn’t.

Lenny Cravits writes about the latest in home improvement, interior design, & interior decorating. He enjoys writing about both classic styles of interior decorating & the most current trends.

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