Green Ways to Make Your Home Stress Free

Your home is the best place where you can relax and unwind from all the stresses that hard work has pressed down on you. Don’t make your home become the reason for you to feel more stressed. How? Think green, live green and adapt greener ways to make your home friendlier, better and stress free; besides, going green around your house will always be cheaper so if you want to save that money you now have for something you need to buy, following these helpful tips would be for you.

Keep organized

Clutter can do a lot to stress even the most positive of people. Stop this from happening by having a place for everything and putting everything else on their rightful places right after. Make sure you make your bed in the morning, provide a hamper for your clothes (or your kids if you have one), invest on storage boxes, organizers and even cabinets and dividers to keep all your things in one place and not scattered on the floor or the sofa or your bed.

Insulate your house

The summer makes your house go hot in blazes and the winter seems like paralyzing with the cold. Avoid it by insulating your house especially your attic to keep less heat outside when it’s summer and keep the warmth inside when it’s winter. That way, you don’t need to lower the temperature of your air conditioner too much in the heat or use too much of your heater in the winter.

Invest on open windows

Do you want some fresh nice air? Be sure that you have access to an open window around your home. A window can be advantageous in a way that it naturally cools your house so you don’t need to turn on the fan and it’s a great place to see what’s outside too. Just make sure it faces a green garden, a wide lawn or your pool to make the look scenic and nice for you.

Go green in cleaning

Instead of buying disinfectants to clean your bathroom, your sink or your comfort rooms, try to go green with the detergents and disinfectant you use. Why waste money and put your health at risk if you can turn to natural ways? Unleash the cleaning power of baking soda, water and salt. You can actually use the combination to clean your pans, scrape away burned cooking easier and clean your sink naturally by boiling a cup of the combination. Use it to clean your bathrooms, sinks and comfort rooms. If you need to have some fresh air, try putting up small plants to provide oxygen and make use of odors from your comfort rooms.

Fix what could be fixed

If you have a leaking pipe, a leak in the roof, a broken floor, a chipped tile or a post around your home where cracks can be found, fix it immediately. These leaks, cracks and chips can harm you in the long run and fixing them as early as you see them will help you reduce stress with possible flooding and damaging your house. Remember, prevention is cheaper than cure and if you don’t know how to do things yourself, don’t be afraid to ask help around the house. Ask your friends and neighbors for help if possible instead of hiring a pro to do it. Repairing things around your home is far healthier because you get to bond with your family, friend or neighbor and the cost is cheaper because thank you a cup of coffee and cookies are enough to satisfy you and a friend’s help.

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